New Pharma Pricing Snapshot Report Highlights Pricing For Top Multiple Sclerosis Drugs in EU5, USA and Japan.

Pharmaceutical organizations optimize pricing strategy and require access to complete, precise data on current and historical competitor prices.The Pricing Insights Report highlights sample data with focus on Multiple Sclerosis and it includes: Cost of treatment in the EU5, USA and Japan Indications EMA/FDA dates and more Download a complimentary copy of the Pricing Snapshot:Multiple Sclerosis - Oral DMTs To request sample data for other

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[White Paper] Pharmaceutical Contracting: From Volume to Volume

Driven by skyrocketing costs, market forces are hastening the shift in the healthcare industry from volume based care (fee for service) to a value based reimbursement structure (fee for value).  Analysts agree that the tipping point is being reached. The evolution towards this model is accelerating as patients, healthcare providers and payers realize its many benefits. The “value” in

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Report: State Drug Price Transparency Initiatives

By Brian Bumpus and Robert Blank Concerns about soaring drug costs have been mounting over the last several years, spurred on by several high-profile cases of “price gouging” in the generics market. As a response, there has been a growing trend for state legislators to introduce bills focused on “drug price transparency.” While few of these have passed as of

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