IRP for Medicare? Drastic change to US policy means new mitigation strategies for pharma

PRICENTRIC BRIEF: President Trump suggest the establishment of a formal IRP system to curb rising Medicare costs The CMS proposed an IRP scheme, covering a handful of European countries where target drug prices are collectively 44% lower Additional changes include switching physician reimbursement from a percentage to a flat fee and the allowance of private-sector vendors to negotiate prices

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Global Life Science Services Platform Unites Under New Name, EVERSANA™

MILWAUKEE, Oct. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The fast-growing life science services platform built in partnership with Water Street Healthcare Partners and JLL Partners, today unveiled its new name and brand: EVERSANA™. Anchored to the Latin word "sana" for healthy and "ever" for continual evolution, the new name reflects the expanding platform's commitment to advancing life science services for a healthier world. EVERSANA encompasses the

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Brexit and Parallel Imports—the end of an era?

A Pricentric Brief by Sean Skulski "In short, parallel imports of medicines into the UK provide both certainty of supply, when there is not enough UK stock (because of a sudden spike in demand), and incentivized purchasing competition which saves the NHS over £100m per annum, on current estimates."  - Healthcare Distribution Association UK Council (2016) The United Kingdom has

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