Medicare Part D: Closing the Coverage Gap

Signed into law on February 9, 2018, the Bipartisan Budget Act (BBA) of 2018 entails significant adjustments to consumer spending under the Medicare Part D prescription drug program1. Beginning in 2019, the period of out-of-pocket expenses in Medicare, known colloquially as the coverage gap or donut hole, will be fully covered for beneficiaries. By requiring higher payments from pharmaceutical manufacturers,

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Biosimilars in LATAM: So, what’s going on?

  By Sean Skulski Latin America (LATAM) remains a rich, untapped market for the commercialization of biosimilars. Based on a biologic drug (reference product) whose patent has expired, biosimilars are “copycat drugs” that demonstrate proven bioequivalence to the reference product. Unlike generic drugs (chemical products), which are identical to a branded drug, biosimilars are only similar to a reference product;

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China has its eyes on biosimilars

Pricentric Brief: China has its eyes on biosimilars by Sean Skulski   Roche’s Herceptin is experiencing a shortage in China due to swift uptake of the drug following China’s implementation of a new health plan While Herceptin biosimilars are finding traction in the US and Europe, China has yet to receive access to any copycat products China is adamantly paving

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