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Pharmaceutical Pricing Strategy


#1 Pharmaceutical Pricing Strategy for Market Coverage, Spanning Over 80 Countries.

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The challenge.

You want to optimize your pharmaceutical pricing strategy and price management for every one of your marketed products. You want trend-ahead pricing information that outruns the marketplace, neatly organized and ready to be analyzed. This requires constant monitoring of competing global pricing strategies, product pricing trends, as well as access to complete, precise data on current and historical competitor prices.

The solution.

PRICENTRIC® is a unique, powerful, comprehensive global pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement database and service solution. It empowers you with the information you need to ensure your pharmaceutical pricing strategies are on target. If they are not, PRICENTRIC lets you tweak and adjust! It also allows you to monitor competitors’ responses to price actions taken for their own products. In addition, since numerous modeling exercises require competitor drug pricing data, PRICENTRIC provides this as well.

Available either as a standalone application, or integrated as part of our PriceRight® suite of products, PRICENTRIC makes global pricing strategies and decision-making ultra-accurate.

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International reference pricing rules.

Alliance keeps track of changes in global reference pricing rules. We periodically inform subscribers of these changes, either as a standalone service, or fully integrated as a feed into our PriceRight system.

The PRICENTRIC data offerings solution includes:

  • Global Data Service – Pharmaceutical pricing strategies derived from dependable sources around the global, tracking 70+ worldwide markets including US Red Book
  • Reimbursement Data – Indication level reimbursement data for key global markets, including product reimbursement status, reimbursement amounts and patient co-pay levels
  • Latest News – Pricing and reimbursement newsletters track key deployments in pricing, reimbursement, market access and HEOR
  • Special Reports – Based on data analysis and strategic evaluation
  • Access to knowledgeable data analysts


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