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With the emergence of a new national health insurance Marketplace, insurance shopping has a new level of accessibility that has resulted in a broad-spectrum shift of health insurance operations. October of 2013 began this paradigm shift with the start of open enrollment for the Accountable Care Act (ACA)’s Marketplace. The Marketplace ushered in new insurers, formularies, and an array of benefits designed to meet the new health coverages and actuarial expectations stipulated by the law.

As of April 19, 2014, over 8 million people signed up for a Marketplace plan with an additional 6 to 7 million enrolled in Medicaid, the majority being previously uninsured. This exceeded the original 6 to 7 million enrollment projections. The Marketplace is poised to grow to over 24 million members by 2016. Depending on how the current small and large group employer market responds and evolves, it could mean expansion beyond that by tens of millions.