Master data management is critical for pharmaceutical and medical device organizations to successfully execute a multitude of business and compliance operations. MemberCentric, the master data management software through Alliance Life Sciences, provides a central repository for customer master data that can be easily accessed and utilized across the entirety of an organization. With MemberCentric’s master data enrichment functionality, businesses can fill in the blanks of missing master data and utilize higher quality data to make key business decisions. MemberCentric is then able to bridge to all major revenue management systems, ensuring that all master data updates and improvements are communicated across the business systems.

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Pharmaceutical Master Data Management

Manufactures average a membership data volume in the tens of thousands. In the medical device and pharmaceutical industries master data management is an incredibly manually process for most organizations. Such manual processes can lead to data inaccuracies due to a lack of standardization in data management, creation of duplicate accounts, and misalignment between the customer master and roster data.

Master Data Management Software MemberCentric is a solution for manual membership management as the standardization rules within the master data management software keep data formats consistent (see example on right). Duplicate records are identified between the customer master data and GPO roster data sources. Recommended customer master deletions or end dates are provided for duplicate records. Records are then aligned through “”strong”” and “”weak”” prioritary match rule algorithms. Through this process, membership data is enriched.

Streamline the success of your medical device or pharmaceutical organization with the master data management software MemberCentric. Eliminate the risks of human error and enrich your data for a more effective approach to your master and roster management. For more information or support with membership management or the use of our management software, contact the experts at Alliance Life Sciences Consulting Group. We look forward to enhancing the accuracy and integrity of your data.

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