MemberCentric utilizes comprehensive third-party data references sources such as: DEA, HIN, NCPDP, HRSA, DDD and SDI. The consolidated references become the source of truth for DEA validation, HIN validation, 340B validation, and just about all customer validation needs. Users are then able to utilize these reference data sources to validate the identifiers submitted by wholesalers, MCOs, PBMs, and other healthcare organizations. In addition to identifier validation, manufacturers can also utilize this information to enrich their current customer master. While some of these resources are subscription-based resources, others are completely free. MemberCentric consolidates all these resources which results in enriched customer data and the ability to validate any identifier submitted by an outside source.

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With an automated and enriched customer master, users discover an enhanced visibility in their product markets. This visibility influences strategies in both commercial and government contracting and pricing, allows for accuracy in contract eligibility assessment and chargeback adjudication, and leads to more consistent calculations and reporting with the alignment of federal government price data. Streamlining the segmenting of customer validation data using details like DEA and HIN validation business codes allows users to group like customers for higher intent targeting while differentiating between the customer validation codes to develop a hierarchy that more easily directs the next stages.

The MemberCentric software eliminates the challenges that come with large organizations and their mass influx of customer data as well as the inconsistencies of manual entry and data tracking in the face of conflicting corporate needs by streamlining the customer validation process into a complex automation of granular designation for all health-industry standard identifiers. Consolidate your customer validation process while reducing the risk of data inconsistencies and mitigating compliance risks associated with membership data with the MemberCentric software through Alliance Life Sciences Consulting Group. Our team of experts provides advisory services in addition to automated membership software and are here to help you transition to a more efficient approach to customer validation.

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