Developing a WAC Price Strategy through Gross to Net Accounting

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For life sciences companies that don’t have automated financial data-gathering systems, calculating an error-free financial accrual rate is a costly chore. Accuracy is extremely important, as errors can negatively impact rebates and promotions. They can also lead to funds being added or subtracted from the wrong areas of business, possibly leading to stunted revenue, cash crunches or excessive borrowing to fulfill obligations.

 Alliance provides strategic services that counter these gross-to-net challenges with:


  • Gross-to-net automation and process improvements
  • Best price projections
  • Insights into contracting strategy impacts on Medicaid liability
  • Optimization of WAC price strategy

With Alliance Life Sciences, find coherent solutions and strategies for all the aspects of financial data management that can optimize the performance of your products and/or services in the market and help you gain an edge over your competitors.

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Our expertise in gross to net accounting, WAC pricing and financial data analytics let us accurately predict the market potential of each and every product and service and forecast accurate and precise return-on-investment values, which are as close to the real ROI values as they can possibly be.

The years we have spent on ground, proactively participating in the life sciences industry, studying Business Intelligence environments of pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical device industries, health insurance agencies, over-the-counter markets, and animal health services industry have helped us develop a keen market sense that enable us to filter out shifty market elements from the profitable ones.

We leverage the best and most effective practices of the Life Sciences industry and get to you the key insights on WAC pricing, gross to net accounting, financial data management, and price projections to minimize all associated risks and errors, and capitalize on rebates, revenue returns and efficiency.


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