Data Transformation

An Agile Data Warehouse with Business Intelligence

Move beyond legacy business intelligence analytics infrastructures into an analytic ecosystem that enables insights to be fast, accurate, relevant and effective.

Data Warehouse Business Intelligence

In the Big Data era, we strategically integrate data sources that have not typically been evaluated together, and aggregate relevant data in the cloud. This scalable, modular architecture allows us to process the data quickly, easily add new data streams and try new or different types of algorithms without reconfiguration to your established systems.

This clean and complete composite of commercial data and activity offers security, accuracy and portability, allowing true data exploration and insight discovery.

We know that reliable data depends on the ability to establish a single version of truth.

Our proven Information Governance Management Toolsets provide the architecture and stewardship for managing information. In a recent client partnership, Alliance reduced cycle time needed to implement targeting and incentive compensation plans by over 40 percent. The number of field inquiries related to data issues decreased by over 50 percent.

We deliver the data quality that drives confidence in business intelligence analytics.

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