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Harness the power of your commercial data so you can build the right relationship with the right customers.

Our life science marketing and technology expertise is focused on pharma data analytics, strategic planning, engagement strategy, ongoing promotional performance management, and the technology infrastructure that enables a customer-centric business model.

We enable you to integrate new and traditional data sources and analyze them through a customer-centric lens. This allows you to uncover new relationships between customer attitudes and actions, as well as their financial impact.

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Most multi-channel life science marketing campaigns simply push your brand message down the different channels, but true customer engagement is an ongoing effort to strategically layer personal and multi-channel interactions that enhance customer relationships and drive brand growth.

Today’s data exploration and insight discovery needs move beyond the legacy data infrastructures. By creating agility in data architecture and flexibility in decision support tools, you can future-proof your approach to life science marketing and sales analytics.

Alliance Life Sciences delivers the data expertise and robust analytical capability of a big firm, with the agility and value of a small one.

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Today, physicians and patients expect to interact with pharmaceutical brands in the same way they connect with consumer brands in their everyday lives. This has put pressure on pharmaceutical brands to step up their game or be left behind. Information often beyond core brand content needs to be readily available on the customer’s terms – the channel, format, and timing of his or her choosing. While the industry has embraced both digital and traditional channels to deliver brand messages, this doesn’t mean physicians have easy access to the information they need when and how they want it.

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The pharmaceutical industry is shifting to a customer centric business model in order to drive growth and deliver cost efficiencies. As many other industries have already made this shift, the effectiveness of this approach has been proven and beckons for pharma to follow. This new environment requires brands to think differently about their relationships with customers. The customer centric approach recognizes that consumers want to reach out to a brand on their terms to get the information they want for their individual needs.

A mature hypertension brand’s lifecycle strategy was to manage for profitability through promotion optimization. Existing efforts focused on personal promotion to high-prescribing GPs. Our challenge: Refine targeting and develop a non-personal promotional strategy that would sustain prescribing behavior projections through LOE.

A major Pharmaceutical company had outgrown their existing home-grown Commercial Operations information management platform. The CIO had a vision; to dramatically change the paradigm for both information design AND delivery.He knew that building a custom system would eventually have the same issues;poor data quality and poor performance in meeting business requirements. In addition, the CIO challenged its suppliers to come up with a financial model that transformed information delivery from a fixed cost to a variable expense.

On February 8, 2013, CMS  published its long-awaited Final Rule for Sunshine Act implementation, giving manufacturers less than seven months to prepare their cross-enterprise stakeholders, business processes, transactional systems, and customer data management technologies to accurately capture and aggregate reportable spend beginning August 1, 2013.

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