August 7, 2014 Morayea Pindziak

Alliance Life Sciences Launches First of its Kind Web-Based Pricentric™ Oncology Application

Save Time Verifying and Formatting Oncology Data:

SOMERSET, N.J. – August 7, 2014 – Alliance Life Sciences, an innovative management and technology consultancy, today announces that Pricentric™,  the comprehensive data delivery product that integrates competitive pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement data from multiple global markets, will offer the first-of-its-kind online oncology application. The full oncology data portfolio is available at indication level and includes cost of treatment information.

“This reliable application enables customers to accessoncology data and make simple cost comparisons,” says Preeti Patel, Vice President, ConsultingServices, Alliance LIfe Sciences. “Our goal is to help our customers stay ahead of theevery-changing competitive therapy space by tracking changes, such as pricecuts, margin changes and more.”

The oncology application makes it possible for users to:

  • Save time verifying and formatting data
  • Make comparisons at indication level
  • Share data between multiple users
  • Change from different currencies and price types

Oncology data is integrated in the Pricentric™ portal and standardized for comparison at indication level with a simple way for clients to modify dosing information. The cost of treatment module allows users to compare cost per day, per month, annually and for the length of the prescription.

Other Pricentric™ features include a full rangeof reimbursement information at indication level, including: status,prescribing restrictions, rates and co-payment prices; current exchange rates;and flexible data delivery options accessible via the Pricentric™ portal,Microsoft Excel, or integrated into existing third-party applications.

Patel explains, “Pricentric™ provides a robust data source with standardized naming conventions that simplifies product pricing comparisons.  Data is standardized using Alliance’s proprietary product classification system to provide cross-country comparison at the product and pack level. With the new application, oncology data is visible in a structured format which is essential for analysis and reporting.”

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