February 4, 2015 Morayea Pindziak

Alliance Introduces Innovative Engagement Strategies for Building Brand Adoption and Loyalty with Every Customer Interaction

Download “Customer Engagement Strategies Drive Brand Growth”

SOMERSET,N.J. / LONDON – February 4, 2015 — Alliance Life Sciences, a leading global life sciences consultancy and technology provider, announces the release of its White Paper “Customer Engagement Strategies Drive Brand Growth.” Authored by Anne Stroup, vice president of Strategy, the paper highlights the need for pharmaceutical brands to diminish their focus on NRx and TRx endpoints and place greater emphasis on investment in the journey that carries a customer from awareness to advocacy.

“Today’s customers conduct research, use product comparisons and look for recommendations from peers,” says Stroup. “They expect easy access to information in the channels of their choice — when they need it most. Consumers reward brands that meet and exceed expectations with adoption and loyalty. When done right, it’s a win for both the customer and the company.”

Stroup explains that the customer experience is rooted in the brand’s value position, and encompasses every connection a customer makes with the brand. Transforming the value proposition into meaningful customer engagements focused on the customer’s needs should incorporate:

  • Deep customer knowledge
  • Clear understanding of all customer interaction points
  • Ability to move customers along the decision path
  • An engagement measurement plan

She advises that longitudinal patient data, combined with clinical notes and traditional data sources, can reveal treatment patterns that could be used to predict financial value and establish brand adoption goals at a physician level. Advanced analytic methodologies can uncover causal relationships and reveal customer behaviors and sensitivities.

Stroup adds, “To gain customer insights today, brand marketers require multiple data sources, analytic methodologies and research avenues to build the customer insights that drive successful customer engagements.”

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