May 27, 2015 Morayea Pindziak

Alliance Extends Revenue Management Outsourcing Services

Alliance Life Sciences, a leading global life sciences consultancy and technology provider, announces the deepening of its business process outsourcing (BPO) offering with BPPro™. Modular and scalable, BPPro combines leading-edge industry technology with Alliance Life Sciences’ experience and expertise.

“There’s nothing like this on the market,” says Laszlo Fabriczi, senior vice president, Contract Strategy, Operations & Compliance, Alliance Life Sciences. “Until now, small and mid-size life science companies had to make large upfront investments in resources and technology platforms to gain access to best-in-class revenue management skills and automation. We designed BPPro to deliver more business value than traditional BPO firms focused on basic operations and basic platforms. Our offering provides high-level operational features and advanced revenue insights built on more than a decade of consultancy services and extensive experience with revenue management technologies to reduce revenue leakage, optimize profitability and decrease compliance risk.”

For pharmaceutical companies of every size looking to outsource some of their business functions, BPPro delivers on three levels of service:

Business Compliance Excellence – BPPro processes the key functions and slashes the risk of penalties and fees on compliance activities

Revenue Performance Excellence – BPPro analyzes customer data and contracts to improve business insight and performance at a level rarely available to smaller firms

Operational Excellence – BPPro delivers cost-efficient functional and technical operations, enabled by leading SLAs for transparent insights into operations, all built on world-class revenue management software

Companies can use Alliance Life Sciences’ BPPro to support the business as it grows, and only pay for the services they need with a fixed monthly cost. No large upfront investment or dedicated in-house staff is required. This allows firms to align cleanly and predictably processing costs to revenue: CFOs see no unexpected or unnecessary overhead, or any “sudden step-ups” in cost at certain thresholds.

Alan Crowther, CEO, Alliance Life Sciences, states, “Adding this outsourcing option to our broad portfolio of services demonstrates our commitment to optimizing revenue and pricing operations for all life science customers, as well as our desire to innovate to meet emerging client needs. Alliance Life Sciences looks forward to further bringing ‘Big Pharma’ and medical device contracting and revenue management insights and efficiencies to smaller life sciences companies. Our goal is to transform what is possible around price and revenue in life sciences.”

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