May 12, 2015 Morayea Pindziak

Alliance Expands PriceRight® Platform: Now Available as SaaS or On-Premise

Optimize Drug Launch Sequence, Identify Demand Forecast, Maximize Global Pricing  

Alliance Life Sciences, a leading global life sciences consultancy and technology provider, announces the release of the latest version of its PriceRight software. As the industry’s premier global pricing technology solution available as both an On-Premise or software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, PriceRight solves life science manufacturer’s key challenges across practices, including launch sequence, price erosion and price management in a competitive environment.

“PriceRight continues to lead the industry as the only enterprise software pricing application with a full suite of advanced analytics,” says Aseem Chandawarkar, vice president, Product Management and Professional Services, Alliance Life Sciences. “Our solution includes a launch order optimizer that captures the detail, complexity and accuracy that favorably impacts the bottom line and price of the drug over its lifecycle. This is important, given the impact launch and pricing have on the potential for global revenue when the drug is subsequently introduced into other nations.”

PriceRight is now available in three tiers, providing options for any size company or situation:

  • INSIGHT: A SaaS solution that provides rapid insights – analytics focused on international reference pricing (IRP) and launch sequence optimization (LSO), which includes data and services, and the ability for customers to go live in 30 days or less
  • ACCEL: A SaaS-only version of the full PriceRight suite configured with a best practices approach, for rapid time to value
  • ENTERPRISE: Available as a SaaS solution or installed on-premise, the full PriceRight suite configured to the organization’s specific processes

“Our solution’s advanced analytics also enable life science companies to understand the impact of global trade based upon market data and simulation techniques,” explains Chandawarkar. “Life science companies must factor in large price differentials when gauging true country supply and demand, managing supply chain accountability issues, and understanding the impact of real price and revenue for accurate forecasting.”

Alliance Life Sciences has further enhanced its global pricing focus by expanding its core team with the addition of Gary Watson, executive vice president, who will play an increased role in driving enterprise professional services solutions within the PriceRight team, which includes Matt Kopecky, senior solutions consultant, and Bruno Cherel, European managing consultant. Product Management leadership will continue to grow under the leadership of vice president Aseem Chandawarkar.

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