June 30, 2015 Morayea Pindziak

Alliance Expands Executive Team with Seasoned Industry Leaders

Alliance Life Sciences, a leading global life sciences consultancy and technology provider, is proud to announce several recent hires in its sales and marketing departments. Teresa Ferlo joins the Alliance team as vice president of Global Client Development; John Fulton was named director of Global Client Development; Morayea Pindziak will serve as vice president of Marketing; and Courtney Klauber joins as Marketing associate.

“To have a successful company, you need to be surrounded by highly skilled professionals who each bring unique strengths and abilities to the table,” says Jeffrey D. Erb, executive vice president, Global Sales & Marketing. “These individuals bring additional industry-specific knowledge and skill sets that will help advance Alliance in the market.”

Teresa Ferlo brings more than 25 years of dedicated life sciences experience, and a broad range of industry background knowledge of managed markets, pharmacy benefit manager and payer segments, product launch support, and compliance and regulatory. In the past, she held global business development positions at IMS Health, Managed Market Insights & Technology and ClearPoint Learning Systems.

With his background in developing breakthrough pharma marketing solutions, John Fulton will bring considerable pharmaceutical industry expertise and insight to Alliance. Previously, he served as challenger, Healthcare Regional Marketing, consultant, Harte Hanks, and manager of his own health and wellness enterprise.

A marketing expert with a strong background in client relations, Morayea Pindziak is highly proficient in building strong brands and elevating thought-leaders. She will focus on bringing Alliance’s wealth of expertise to the industry. Previously, she served as vice president, Marketing, Harte Hanks, and director of marketing, Publishing Technology.

Courtney Klauber is a recent college graduate with valuable experience in public relations and marketing communications through her internships, student organizations and professional pursuits. She will use these skills to help bolster Alliance’s internal and external communications, working directly with Pindziak to help build brand equity and strengthen Alliance’s voice in the industry.

Erb adds, “Combining these talented people with our existing team produces a powerful group with extensive industry know-how. I am confident this expansion will deliver business value to Alliance and our customer base.”


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