March 31, 2016 Morayea Pindziak

Alliance Expands Business Process Outsourcing Across Platforms

SOMERSET, N.J. / LONDON – March 31, 2016 — Alliance Life Sciences, the leading provider of global solutions for pricing, contracting and revenue management across the life sciences industry, continues to expand its business process outsourcing (BPO) offering with choices on the two standard, industry-leading platforms, Model N® and Revitas®. As the first to offer a turnkey BPO unique product suite that builds upon both of these standard, industry-leading platforms, Alliance provides life sciences manufacturers the ability to maximize revenue.

“The success of multiple software platforms shows that customers value choice,” says Jim Burke, chief strategy officer, Alliance. “One size or one platform doesn’t fit all, and we are focused on ensuring the best solutions for our clients. With more than 10 BPO customers live and new customers being added, we have created a new and better BPO model for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.”

Alan Crowther, chief executive officer, Alliance, reaffirms this leadership position, “The value is clear:  we have a 100 percent track record of reducing revenue leakage in the rebate and chargeback process. Our clients trust our revenue management skills as well as our ability to align the platforms and business processes for optimal results.”

In comparison to other Business process outsourcing companies, Alliance brings more value to the platforms with its leading roster management and class of trade solution, MemberCentric™. Alliance BPO customers have the option to add this service, which improves the accuracy and integrity of inbound membership data, provides process efficiencies, and reduces compliance risk.

Burke concludes, “While others may provide some outsourced services, only Alliance can provide global insight and this level of life sciences revenue management experience. Others simply do not have our level of expertise which allows us to uncover revenue leakage, ranging from data quality opportunities through contract strategy optimization.”


About Alliance Life Sciences   

Alliance Life Sciences is a global innovator that delivers peace of mind and unlocks business value with unique solutions to complex commercial problems. With over ten years of dedicated life sciences experience, our worldwide team of experts provides insights into contracting, pricing, and access. We serve mid-market life sciences companies and eight of the top-10 pharmaceutical manufacturers. Contact: 866-581-4850 or

Model N is a registered trademark of Model N, Inc.

Revitas is a registered trademark of Revitas, Inc.

Alliance Expands Business Process Outsourcing Across Platforms

Alliance Life Sciences, continues to expand its business process outsourcing (BPO) offering

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