Global Life Science Services Platform Unites Under New Name, EVERSANA™

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Alliance Life Sciences, an EVERSANA Company, is a global innovator that delivers peace of mind and unlocks business value with unique solutions to complex commercial problems for both pharmaceutical and medical devices organizations. With over fifteen years of dedicated life sciences experience, our worldwide team of experts as life sciences consultants provide insights and solve problems in Contracting, Pharma Pricing, Reimbursement, and Commercial Operations. We serve 20 of the top 25 top pharmaceutical manufacturers, mid-market life sciences companies, and multiple medical device and diagnostic organizations.


Current Pricing, Contracting and Operational Challenges

  • Tightening regulatory guidelines
  • Data integrity
  • Generic product competition
  • Differential drug pricing
  • Healthcare reforms
  • Access to real time competitive data
  • Pharma pricing pressures
  • Execute on outcome based contracts

How do we respond?

Unlike other life science consultants that are specialized in a fraction of the process within pharmaceutical and medical devices operations, our firm Alliance Life Sciences, understands the entire Revenue management lifecycle from Pricing to Contracting, Reimbursements and Government Pricing. Our holistic approach allows us to customize the process; therefore, what we bring to the client is not an expense but a solution that pays for itself. Please review our case studies of what other clients have seen as a return on their investment with Alliance Life Science consultants.

Compliance with regulations, transparency into how the work is done, and collaboration with our clients’ teams are key components of our projects. Our life science consultants partner with our clients to get the work done, while they always maintain the ownership of their processes.


How can our life science services benefit your business?

  • On the contracting side Alliance helps pharmaceutical and medical device organizations:
    • Address, clarify, and predict the challenges of commercial, government and legal contracting
    • Implement and manage innovative contract/outcome based contracts
    • Automate systems to manage membership data in an organized and compliant manner
    • Optimize their Gross-to-Net
    • Minimize any revenue leakage from their operations
  • On the global pricing side Alliance provides:
    • Accurate and up-to-date pharma pricing and reimbursement data across 83 global markets
    • International Reference Pricing tools
    • Global Price management software


What you can gain from Life Science Consulting Companies

Strategic & Management Consulting

Our proven strategies. Your competitive edge.

Operations Consulting

The benefits of great operations design.

Program Management

We keep your projects on track.

Business Process Improvement

Transformational process innovation.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Leading contract lifecycle management with measurable outcomes.


Improve accrual forecasts and evolve your gross-to-net processes.

IT Strategy

Roadmaps, system selections and enterprise-wide implementations.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Knowing is everything.

Agile Data Warehousing

Capture more. Access more. Be more.

Application Development & Testing

Passing your test with flying colors.

Membership Management

Technology-enabled data service for managing membership.

Business Process Outsourcing

Achieve operational excellence and keep costs down.

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