October 27, 2015 Morayea Pindziak

Alliance CEO to Present at World Orphan Drug Congress in Geneva

Alliance Life Sciences CEO, Alan Crowther, will join health economist Carina Schey to present at this year’s World Orphan Drug Congress in Geneva, Switzerland on November 12.

Topic: New Orphan Drug Pricing Trends and Risks

There is a global trend to drive down the cost of drugs and several high-priced orphan drugs have raised concerns about the budget impact on the total pharmaceutical spend of the orphan category as a whole.

This presentation will evaluate current pricing approaches and trends, as well as consider where orphan drug pricing may be 3 to 5 years out, and discuss the impact this could have on manufacturers, payers and access.

Attendees will learn:

  • Orphan drug pricing trends and expectations of what is coming
  • Pricing models in use today to support orphan drug pricing decisions
  • Pricing challenges facing manufacturers and payers
  • Key considerations to avoid access problems in the future


To learn more and register now, visit  http://www.terrapinn.com/conference/world-orphan-drug-congress


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