September 4, 2014 Morayea Pindziak

Alliance Aligned 19: Linking Health Economics and Policy

  • In the face of rising healthcare costs and therapid development of more innovative and expensive medical technologies, thereis a growing recognition of the bearing cost-effectiveness has on thedecision-making process of healthcare payers.
  • To gain further insight into the specific issuesand key success factors which impact market access, Alliance conducted a global survey with key global and local stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • The clear standout results from the surveyhighlighted 1) the importance of identifying and prioritizing the most appropriatestakeholder. Getting this first step right is critical to the success ofpharmaceutical product. 2) Equally as important is ensuring sufficient evidencegeneration to provide support for products. And finally, 3) a clear strategicpathway for access to a product must be established by a manufacturer.

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