April 2, 2015 Morayea Pindziak

Alliance Provides Global Pricing Expertise as Founding Partner of European Pricing Platform® (EPP)

Supporting EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum, September 22-23, 2015, Montreux, Switzerland

SOMERSET, N.J. / LONDON – April 2, 2015 – Alliance Life Sciences, a leading global life sciences consultancy and technology provider, will serve for the next year as a founding partner of European Pricing Platform® (EPP), the leading knowledge-sharing platform serving thousands of European pricing and profit optimization managers. This partnership involves active participation on the EPP steering committee to bring expertise and guidance to the overall strategic direction of EPP industry activities, as well as a significant presence at the EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum, September 22-23, 2015, Montreux, Switzerland.

“We are aligned with the EPP vision to enhance price optimization in the global life sciences marketplace, and recognize the substantial level of complexity created by diverse processes across different countries. The need for advanced solutions and knowledge management are key requirements for meeting the challenges of the current environment.” says Alan Crowther, CEO, Alliance Life Sciences, who will serve on the EPP steering committee.

EPP is the leading knowledge exchange for European pricing decision-makers, revenue managers and C-level executives, dedicated to developing and sharing pricing knowledge, best practices and resources both live and online.

Crowther adds, “We look forward to collaborating with EPP to help pharmaceutical manufacturers refine a global pricing strategic vision, gain a better understanding of pricing trends and achieve the fair value for their products necessary to sustain innovation and growth of life-saving therapies.”

Mark Costa, senior vice president of Software, Alliance Life Sciences, adds, “As a global innovator, we utilize unique and sophisticated solutions to unlock business value. The upcoming forum will be an ideal opportunity to further the EPP mission and empower industry leaders to successfully tackle the issues surrounding pricing and market access trends. Alliance Life Sciences is committed to helping our colleagues travel the road to profit optimization.”

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