Higher Levels of Accuracy and Integrity


GPO & PHS Roster Management

The ultimate, automatic membership management solution.

MemberCentric™ reduces the risks associated with PHS 340(b), wholesaler and GPO rosters by enhancing the accuracy and integrity of inbound membership data.

A service-based solution, MemberCentric correlates customer membership information from internal contract management systems, using reference data sources from industry-standard data providers. The objective is to reconcile the most accurate representations of inbound membership records.


GPO & PHS Roster Management

MemberCentric leverages a rule-based engine that encourages a standardized, consistent approach to membership processing.

Proven benefits include:

  • Enhanced revenue – Avoiding discounts provided to ineligible recipients
  • Strengthened data – Enhanced integrity of inbound GPO membership roster information
  • Process efficiencies – Increase process efficiencies in GPO membership management
  • Reduced risk – Preventing potential Best Price calculation inaccuracies


As membership data goes through an enrichment process within MemberCentric, the system validates assigned Class of Trade designations to ensure the accurate classification of each membership record. Once complete, MemberCentric generates an enriched and complete master file.

MemberCentric features comprehensive third-party data matching with sources such as: DEA, HIN, NCPDP, HRSA, DDD and SDI.

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